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Maybe I find too many things interesting. Doing the research for my book on Kansas History (that is coming out in April 2018) I had a lot of fun, as well as frustration doing the search. I also find the tragedies that took good products, lives, and technology away from Kansas. Some I find really interesting as to why they cannot be brought back and new businesses be created here.

Lets face it Kansas is full of imaginative and intelligent people who have the skills to bring back something that is proven and make it a thriving business again. It seems that most times it is either families who are not willing to take advantage of what they have, and look long term down the road, and sell out for a quick fortune. Most times a fortune that is taxed, spent, wasted, and bilked out of. The generations and communities that should have benefited from the advantage given them waste it away.

Some times it is bad financiers that just cannot see ahead far enough to back a venture through hard times. Sometimes it is people just wanting the quick buck, and sometimes it is personalities that leave a community in the rear  view mirror. sometimes a community turns it back. Too many times it leave those who rode the rise on the porch remembering when it was a different day.

As I have said in the past I have too many ideas and these stories give me so many more. If I were younger (famous phrase that you youngun’s will be using soon) I would be out there trying to put things together.

In between procuring photographs and the copyrights for the book I have been able to do some exploration of a business that should never have left Kansas and should be brought back. I will talk about that when my inquiries have been answered.

There are 3 things that are essential for our rural communities to attract new business. This is just the most simplistic ones there are many more things that have to align. An idea coupled with a passion, community support, and money.

Can rural Kansas begin to rebuild a business base? YES! Will we? I don’t know.

There is one thing that all Kansans can do to lay a base for this rebirth, stop encouraging the kids to leave the state after getting an education. Experience is great but if there is nothing to move back home for a young family we will continue to lament what we were and ignore what we could become.

Your choice.

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