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NEWS FLASH: Mr. Potato Head is going to be nuetered! Big news considering that he is a tatar. You really need to quit thinking if the best you can get upset about is the gender of a kids toy. It seems that enough people have been pushed over the line and they now say that Potato Head will remain Mr. WELL DUH!

Next News Flash is Dr. Seuss is being terminated for being racist. EXCUSE ME! Who is the racist here? Dr. Seuss? I always thought that his characters were pretty much non racial. Sorry but if you have nothing better to be enraged at you are the racist.

If you defend Black Lives Matter (the organization) you have a serious problem. Go to their own words. The founders confess to be Communist and Anarchists.

If you have to believe what a reporter or spokesman says when the picture behind them and the facts you can see with your own eyes, who is the problem?

After one of the worst cold spells in one hundred years a ‘scientist’ still talks about melting polar caps and how thunder and lightning in Alaska fore shadows a huge climate change disaster, and you buy it, you are the problem.

When MLK talked about being judged by character and not the color of skin, why is the first thing that happens is to say black, white, red, yellow, green? If you are telling me to be ashamed of being white the last time I checked I have no control over that. I did hear of a woman who pretended to be black. She is as insane as those who threw open the border and now say there is no crisis.

To claim that “nothing was done about vaccination before he took office” is typical plagiarism. But slow Joe has been caught plagiarizing before.

With mountains of sworn testimony, judges that refuse to hear it, and officials that broke the law, the election results are now considered conspiracy theories. Hard to get the truth in the discussion anymore.

Teachers unions keeping kids out of school, makes you wonder if you really want those teachers telling your kids what is wrong and right.

I know a lot of fathers that if their girl is followed into the bathroom or locker room that there will be a lot of work for dentists ahead. I don’t believe there is a jury in the country that would convict them. How can you hate a man so bad that you would destroy your kids future and take down the greatest country in history? Is it because the man tried to fulfil every promise made during his campaign? It does make it hard for politicians to promise everything then ignore you.

How does a fence in Washington work and doesn’t in the Southwest? I would prefer that the fence keep politicians out. Funny how you cannot come in the country from every direction but the Southwest. You have to have an ID to get onto an airplane, rent a hotel room, or visit the Congress, but not to vote? If you believe that you are the problem.

If you want to argue with me and try to cancel me, don’t bother. You have already cancelled yourself.

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