G Gordon Libby


Rob a bank get out of jail free, rob another bank get out of jail free, rob a third bank get out of jail free. Sounds like fiction? No it is fact in New York City. Want to overthrow the government just attach yourself to a peaceful demonstration and go on a rampage. The story is repeated nightly in big cities all over the country.

Did you raise your children to hate the country? Did you instill a hate for our history in them? You didn’t. Who did? Guess what? You paid for it.

Are you proud of our schools and universities that are teaching your kids to do this? Why are you supporting them?

Watching the news on television don’t you get sick of candidates and political pacs from people you never heard of trashing and telling lies about all of the candidates. Don’t you just get sick of it?

I have to give credit to our local CBS affiliate who is doing the fact checking about the hateful and outrageous commercials. Thanks for pointing that out. But aren’t you just as guilty for accepting the money from them and continue the hate and lies?

It would be pure justice if our soldiers came up out of the grave and give this generation a sound whupping. They did not die for you to spread hate and tear down the most exceptional country the world has ever known.

If the US is so bad why does everyone want to come here? Why do the leaders of the most murderous countries want us taken down? Why do leaders spend us into bankruptcy? If you value what you do and what you have built, why would you stand by and see it all destroyed?

Why would you turn your back on the one God who allows you to go as far as you can? Why would you allow overpaid professors and politicians destroy your legacy?

I have friends and family members who would rather hate what we have and wish for something that the whole world is running from. It mystifies me.

If you believe that what you want is anarchy I suggest that you watch the movie ‘The Crow’.

What a horrible world it will be without crime and punishment.

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