Harold Coffin


The constant war of envy that so many take part in is what the commandment DO NOT COVET THY NEIGHBORS GOODS. There is also the one about the neighbors wife. Seems that it is the innocuous part of the 10 Commandments that people break without any regret or even awareness on their part.

Every time anything is attempted in a way that is intended to make government simpler and more fair, envy raises its ugly head. It is an automatic reaction that people hate anyone who is successful. Even when details are not known the first reaction is that “THE RICH WILL BENEFIT”. Actually I am tickled when the rich do well. I have found no poor people that have created jobs.

I find it interesting that those who hate rich people let rich people run the parties that they are members of. It is the rich ones on the other side that are the nasty ones. It also is a wonder to me how people are always wanting free things and yet where does that money come from? Those that have it fund the programs for those who don’t. Yet people still hate those who actually make money.

Those who are always talking about jobs do not take into account the number of jobs that those who buy luxury items create. Yet no one actually realizes that they are coveting what others have.

Civilizations that have been torn apart by the philosophy of hating the rich found themselves in countries that murdered its citizens and everyone was reduced to the same misery as their neighbor. Only the few who were more brutal made it to the top and lived like kings, (or dictators). And yet today education tells students that these failed experiments, that always led the world to suffering and failing miserably, is something to admire.

Of course it is absolutely imperative that belief in God had to be eliminated. Replacing the State in God’s place gave licence to those who were free from any restraints that would allow their atrocities.

Today every time some horrendous event happens it is always asked ‘what would drive someone to do these things’? It is very simple. When God is removed he is replaced by something and that is always evil. There is no factor that cannot be explained as to why so much evil is in the world. When good is gone the world fills the vacuum and that is evil.

When people don’t hear what they want in the pulpit they just go to where they hear what they want. Many go where they are entertained and not challenged. The Bible admonishes that a person has the responsibility to warn others when they are wrong. Not to brow beat or nag. Once the error is pointed out it is the responsibility of a person to be there as a friend but not a judge.

This is something that I have difficulty with. I have a friend whom I admire who has turned her back on God. I have no idea how to approach the subject. In today’s world if I say something I am condemned as intolerant. Yet it is not the fear of public condemnation it is the fear of driving her farther away from God’s love and forgiveness. It is a dilemma that I wrestle with.

For all the complications of this life things would work much smoother if the simple 10 Commandments were just followed. The attitude that I want to do things my way instead of the right way has gotten this world in trouble ever since the beginning.

For those who hate rich people it would be good to stop and think what you would do with their money. Oops, that is what they already do now. It is the change in attitude that other peoples money belongs to the government is what is fueling this fight.

For those who want to battle and save the old tax system maybe the thought of slowing spending would be a better thing to fight for.

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