Norman Vincent Peale


As a country we have allowed the Chinese to become a major power in the world. All because there was thought to be so much money to be made dong business to them. Never mind that they have murdered millions of their own people since they became Communist seventy five years ago.

Once an isolated people who developed a culture that fascinated the world. We sided with them when Japan brought war on the world along with their allies.

But those who are so smart, and remind us all the time, China was a potential gold mine with billions of people. Just do the simple math. If you sold something to just 1% of the population how much you could make.

Also our labor costs were increasing because our citizens expect good jobs and the ability to live a good life. So if you move your company manufacturing over there you can take advantage of millions of slave laborers. You just can’t get away with fifty cents an hour here at home.

The entire country can be wailing the evils of slavery and yet still have goods made that they can buy cheap by using slave labor over seas.

So what have we gained? Billions of dollar trade deficits, poison dog food, fentynel, electronics that have the capacity for the Chinese government to steal the contents. We have giants like Syngenta that are soaking up our Ag and chemical companies. Tyson who can ship live chickens over to China to be processed and shipped back and sold as made in the USA.

The Chinese military are flying clones of our fighters and bombers. Sailing ships deliberately made better than ours because they had the plans of ours to refer to. They have shot a missile into space so that they can deliver nuclear payloads. Are able to destroy satellites, and by testing this have scattered millions of pieces of junk that can cause a space craft launching of returning to be hit and destroyed.

While the government is finally making efforts to do something about all of the abuses and potential abuses, what can you do.

Remember the big lie? I am from the government and I am here to help you.” Well you and I know that the government is not going to do what it takes to get things fixed. (too many are getting rich)

Here is what each of us can do. STOP BUYING CHINESE JUNK. If we all make the conscious effort to not send our money to this horrible country we can stop this!

Make the effort to not buy anything made in China. Find out who owns the companies. Don’t buy things because they are cheap. Quality is more practical than cheap anytime. Go out of your way to find out who owns the company of the product that you are about to buy. Make it a rule that you buy nothing that has China’s hand in it.

Reward the manufacturers that are bringing back jobs to the USA. You hold the power in your hand. You just have to make the effort. Is it so hard to like the country you are in?

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