Jordan Peterson


There was another cop shooting of a black man. You notice that the news all uses the term ‘black man’. Why was it not ‘cops shoot man’. Without the race card it is not as dramatic. The narrative is pushed that black lives matter when it is life matters.

Of course if said properly the race card will be used against the narrator. (Just watch and see what I am going to be called)

Where is the common thread to the majority of these incidents? The common thread is that a person did not heed the lawful order of a law enforcement officer. You do not see reports of people being shot by doing what they are told and being polite.

The reaction now in all major cities is riot, burn, loot, throw rocks and other things, or shoot. It is not wait and see what is determined to have happened. There are legions of attorneys waiting to fight the case through court. Except for the two lawyers who threw Molotov cocktails at an NYPD car. They are now in jail and lose their law licenses.

Any parent or adult that teaches kids to resist every order, sign that kids warrant.

Cops are targets and have a right to be extra cautious in today’s world. All you have to do is say yes, do as they say, present no threat and the worst that can happen is you have your day in court.

Easy isn’t it?

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