The phrase that I have used for many years and it is so true.  Why is there so little common sense left today?  I blame the lack of experience with farm life and the further away from contact with what it takes to have a basis of reality, so goes society.

The news this morning says that a twenty five year old woman took secrets from the NSA and passed them to a news leaking group.  I am sure that she is surprised that she is now looking at ten years in Federal Prison for betraying the country.  It seems that when an oath is taken, and the consequences of breaking that oath, don’t carry the reality today that it used to.

It is reported that the young woman was a Bernie Sanders supporter.  I don’t know if that is true or not but when you are dealing with the justifiable secrets of our nation, politics should not enter into it.

She is so lucky that she did not do this in the time that her party actually made and enforced the laws of Sedition.  Enacted under Woodrow Wilson and enforced by the administrations of FDR.  She could have gotten much more than the ten years she is looking at.

I am not certain what goes through the mind of a person who is willing to take what is officially classified and leak it.  The is no honor in betraying the country.  If the information is so heinous that it should be revealed, there are ways of doing that within the government.

We are looking at an entire group of people that respect and honor seems to hold no value.  The division of this country is not between the winner and loser of an election.  The division exists in the fact that many people feel as though the United States is inherently evil, and those who believe in the US as good and a leader.

No amount of lecturing or debating will work until the opposing sides come to terms with the reality that the US is the bastion of freedom. It is a sad fact that some have been willing to trade freedom for safety.

Until the ideal of individual responsibility is once again the mainstay of the country there will be no reconciliation.  There are extremists on both sides of the coin and until there is belief in the goodness and strength of the United States there will be divisions.

Is it desirable to look at your neighbor as an equal or as an enemy?  The reality of the farm is that things are set into patterns and there is both life and death, good and evil.  Till with the good order and reap a harvest or ignore the fundamentals and reap a crop of weeds.

I am blessed to have spent my life in the country and see the sunrise and understand its beauty.  To hear the storm and understand its need.  To reap the bounty of the land and know that it is a gift.  It is a fundamental erosion of our republics foundation that so many value a hostile attitude towards the country.  Will the foundations of the republic fail?  Our enemies have been betting on it for generations.

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