Edmund Burke


It finally has happened. I don’t know if I am outraged, offended, amused, or just astounded. As you watch the news you see stories of those who incur the wrath of the Woke mob and those who would cancel someone for not following along with the mob. Does it ever knock on your door? Do you think it won’t?

I have been publishing my personal opinions since 2012. The worst I have had happen is the irritation of a few liberal people. I have had overwhelming support from you my readers and I appreciate that. I have wondered if my opinions and thoughts have had any reach beyond and I guess I got an answer this week.

In my last story named HOLD MY BEER I was notified by Meta Data aka Facebook that my column violated their community standards for sex and nudity. They had me follow a couple of boxes and then presented only one box. That box was that I agree with them. There was no way to question them or say no. For you my readers I ask the question: did anyone see anything pertaining to sex or nudity in my last column? I cannot find any.

I suppose that I will be shamed on Tik Tok next. Then I will be cancelled by those charlatans who feel like they have some kind of power. Power is fleeting and many who feel that they have some power will find out that they are more important in their small minds than in real life.

I am just going to take it as I hit too close to the truth. Yep, hold my beer!

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