Desi Arnaz

      I wanted to say a bit that is light hearted and when I went to find the customary quote that I start every piece with.  When I went to ‘comedy’ I had a difficult time finding something that struck me right.  Part of the problem was that most of the people being quoted about comedy were all people I never heard of or never thought as funny.  Mainly because I don’t find very many comedians today that are funny.

     In the past I have stated that I am afraid that I may have lost my humor.  I find the comedians of my past and my folks past as the examples of fun bits and acts.  Today I find most that I fail to be entertained by or laugh at.  Maybe because the whole comedy world has just become more vulgar.  Much of what passes as comedy is downright mean.  And I just am tired of all the meanness.

      When I was a firefighter/EMT I had developed my warped sense of humor.  This because in that job you see and deal with a lot of misery.  Humor is a defense mechanism that allows you to stay sane.  You also see some downright ridiculous situations that you have to laugh.

     A good sense of humor is a great way to laugh or you would be crying.  There are times when you just need to laugh and let out all the frustrations to stay healthy.  Medical science has put forth that attitude and a good sense of humor helps heal and probably saves a lot of physical ills in a persons life.

     Rather than feel bad about the loss of good comedians today I enjoy a handful and relive the bits and routines of the great ones of the past.  I will take Red, Jerry, Bob, Tim, Carol, Jack, and dozens more over one of the hip, loud, political, and obscene comedians that are celebrated today.

     One of the good things about technology today is the ability to go to You Tube and find the old routines that still crack me up today.  Some I can almost say verbatim as they are performed I have seen them so often.

      It is sad that so many tell the same stories that Jerry Clower originally wrote and pass it off as something new.  Some stories are timeless and I believe that it is getting hard to be original in today’s world.

      What the whole country could use is a good laugh.  A laugh that makes everyone feel better no matter what their fears, opinions, and agendas are.

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