When you listen to people who have achieved some sort of power it seems that no statement is too outrageous to make. And there are those who will shake their head like a bobble head and say “that’s right that’s right.” Then they will look to see if you really bought it. Of course the first one that you would ask about a terrible tragedy like a building falling down is the Secretary of Energy.

The answer to the question, “why did a building fall down?” The Secretary replied, “it was brought down by global warming.” Did anyone notice to see if anyone was buying that line? Well CNN & PMSNBC, The NY Times, and main stream press all bobbled their heads and go “yup, yup, yup, that was sure it, it was global warming.”

Meanwhile news journalists were talking to inspectors and engineers about how this building fell down killing so many.

If you are bobble heading that it was global warming you should sue your school for letting you out or buy a better grade of whiskey.

If conservatives ruined the country how does massive illegal entries increase hundreds of percent, how are liberals saving us? Riots for a year in Portland, OR are called ‘peaceful’ protests? Here where they tried to burn down a federal courthouse with people in it? Or trying to barricade a police station and burn it?

The murder rate has gone up over 800% in Portland. New York City has returned to the crime capital it was before Juliane. Chicago is a third world city and California is a third world country. Satan is so pleased. He does not even have to work at tearing down the US. Soros is doing that for him and getting ultra rich people to help pay for it.

When a society is based on Ten Commandments it requires people of justice and prudence to keep it. When God is banished from a society evil will quickly fill the void. Yet parents are still willing to pay universities to turn their children against them. Sodom and Gomorrah finally tried the patience of God and he wiped them out. Remember it is written that the end will not be flood but fire.

The continuation of the liberal rule will take so big a toll that common sense will be unable to undo the damage.

It is not ‘what you will say to your grandchildren’, they may not ever hear you.

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