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I am writing this the evening before my 65th birthday. I guess everyone has an age that a lot of reality slaps them in the face. Good thing I had my own party when I turned 60. We had a ball.

Trying to have a party now is too expensive, I have no energy for it anymore, and the Governor has banned it anyway.

Age has not been that big a concern for me most of my life. I seem to accept the changes that age brought over the years. Yes there are a lot of things I should not have done. Things I should have done. Things I wish I had done. But I am not looking to go back ad try to do it over again.

I do know that there have been people who never quite understood what it was that I did. But I don’t worry about those people, they just did not pay attention.

I have been blessed with many friends in my life. Many of those have passed on ahead of me. I miss them all. I know that I am heading up that road and do not know what kind of time table I have.

I have been blessed to be able to do what I wanted to do for many years and that is write. I was blessed to be able to take to the stage and have an audience clap and like what I did. I made so many friends in the music world. I am sad that I am not able to travel and see all of those friends anymore. The highlight of my years was always the trip to the IWMA Festival.

The blessing of health going down hill is the time to research and write about history. With my 3rd book about to go to press I still add to the subjects for the future everyday.

I am also privileged to be able to write my opinions and actually have a lot of people like it. I have several papers that like it and put it out there for you to read.

There are difficulties that still lay ahead. But I look forward to what is left. Each day is unique and a gift. 65 is what most think is the top of the mountain. Afterward is the downhill plunge. Well what ever is left is a gift.

For all who have made my life interesting thanks. I hope that at the end what is remembered is that I was able to live and not just exist.

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