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I am going to step up on the soap box and talk to all those in churches that want to venture into the world of technology and who, like me, are technoidiots. This is a multi-denominational rant!

There are some churches who want to offer a quality experience to those shut in that cannot attend services, and many do a good job of it. However, there are those who have a streak of severe cheapness that have someone with a laptop and an Ebay used camera that think that a quality live stream experience is easy and cheap. I will not go on to comment on the big dual screen carioke screens used by many. Lets just hold this to live streaming things like funerals over You Tube and Facebook.

This last two years have made going anywhere very difficult for the family. About the only place we see is the doctors offices. Yet life goes on with or without you. In the last two weeks we hace had two deaths in our family. They were distant cousins and we have not seen that side of the family for a long time. We were able to watch live streaming of the services. Well sort-of.

One service was from a small church in the Flint Hills where internet service is notoriously poor to begin with. I don’t know what all the providers have against the Flint Hills region. The band width was so bad that the whole service was like that buffering commercial where the mom turns into a monster while trying to sing a bed time song.

The other service was from the middle of Wichita where the church has a very well done professional web site. Yet the sound was five minutes behind the images. Their live streaming was clear visually but the sound was awful. It really is not hard to use the microphone if one is just given a few minutes instruction. Plus the comments were shut off so there was no way to notify them that there was a huge problem.

As conscious as I am about my short comings with the confuser and the technical world, there are those who are blissfully ignorant of it but think they know what they are doing.

I expect my comments to be ignored. The comments will be like “you cannot fire a volunteer.” Yes you can! And you should. Please spend the few dollars it takes to do something right rather than cheap.

I wish I could attend more of the services that go on. I am grateful that churches are trying to help. BUT! PLEASE DO IT RIGHT.

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  • Sue Miller
    Posted at 16:01h, 25 January

    Even my very small country church in the mountains of NC live-streams its services flawlessly. My FL church is large and live-streams services perfectly, too. Thankful to be able to watch church services,, funerals, weddings, etc. from the comfort of my home.