Jimmy Cannon


Christmas is a joy since it is the birth of our Lord and Savior. So many rejoice at this time of year. And yet there are so many who have lost the spirit of the season and this time of year becomes a season of pain and frustration.

There are many things that turn a joyous season into a time of despair and misery. How do we understand how this time  of joy can be such a time of pain for others? Some can understand because it was at one time this way for them and they brought themselves out of the dark into the joy of the light.

There is an epidemic of suicide in this country and it is a horror that we all need to be aware of. Yet many times this horror strikes without a person even seeing the warning signs of it.

The continued devaluing of life has an overall effect on the mentality. If a culture can not only accept but celebrate the abortion of a life in the womb it is not far from accepting the ending of a life in its end stages. Overall the devaluing of life has the effect of influencing some who are dealing with personal demons that their life is not worth the pain.

A family is dealing this Christmas with the death of their daughter. A girl that everyone knew had the world by the tail. An outstanding student and award winning member of FFA. In her senior year at Oklahoma State University. She had just talked to her mother and stopped and bought her airline ticket home. She stopped at the supermarket, went home, and committed suicide. Friends, teachers, family, no one saw anything in her manner or life that would indicate that there was anything wrong. Five weeks before Christmas and she is gone. No answers other than a letter that apologized that she was not better than she was. A 4.0 student. Now a family is going to have a Christmas without the joy of their life.

A successful weather broadcaster on a TV station in a large market. A woman in her twenties and nothing but success in her future. Took her own life last week. Sending shock waves through the community and through the broadcast community with no seeming answer as to why.

Veterans to the number of dozens a month end it all. Farmers in crisis take this way out far too often. Police officers and firefighters in increasing numbers.

Researchers are starting to identify some possible connections between depression and diet but it is too soon to link together all the factors.

Christmas should be a time of joy and for many it is. For many it is not. This is why it is important for a person to be aware of those around them and try and recognize little changes. Be there for those who grieve.

The birth of the Christ child is a season of hope. Hope that we are to try and not only live but to share. This is why giving feels so good. To affect a life even when you are not aware sometimes is the one little spark that starts the desire for life and joy to be a part of someone’s life. Even if you are not aware of it.

Will we understand why someone gives up? Not in this life. But you maybe could be the reason someone decides that life is worth living.

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