St Teresa of Calcutta


The ‘logistics’ issue has people worried and media outlets are scaring people that their Christmas may not get here. WELL WHO DO THEY WORSHIP? Christmas is about the birth foretold in the Old Testament about the virgin giving birth to the Messiah in Bethlehem. The King who is sent to redeem the world and open the Gates of Heaven for those who would spend eternity with his Father, himself, and the Holy Spirit. Christmas is not about buying the latest junk shipped from China that is floating on container ships waiting on dock workers, teamsters, and California to unload.

For those who are all for paying people who were not slaves by taxpayers who never owned slaves for the wrongs of 150+ years ago. There are those who continued to maintain hate for decades through the power of the Demoncrat Party. To this day those who think for themselves are ridiculed and cancelled by those in power. Those who yell racism the loudest have managed to get rid of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and the Redskins. I think that the Washington team should adopt the ‘Swamp Rats’ as their mascot.

I used to like smoked clams and oysters on a cracker for an occasional treat. I have not bought a tin for years because all brands on the store shelves are packed in China, Vietnam, or other Asian rim countries. I refuse to support slavery.

Did I just say slavery? Why yes, yes I did. Companies who moved to China are no less guilty than the slavers and slave holders from the pre-Civil War days. Your ‘Christmas’ is so precious to you that you would buy slave labor produced junk to give to your loved ones?

Have you ever thought of supporting local artists, manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and craftsmen? A friend bought four of my award winning books to give to her kids for Christmas. Did you know that the KANSAS AUTHORS CLUB that has existed since 1904 has hundreds of authors with all genre’ of books for sale? Why not patronize your local book store? We have a pottery artist that has her studio on north main in Medicine Lodge. There is a great studio in Elk Falls that you can buy quality gifts from. Or the Clay Works in Hutchinson and McPherson. What about going to the MADE IN KANSAS website to buy goodies? The Kansas Originals Market at I-70 and the Wilson/Lucas exit is full of Kansas made art, memorabilia, and food products. Why not pop up to Lucas and buy original art or smoked bologna, take a cooler and call ahead, Brandt’s sells a lot of meat during the holidays.

Do you watch the ten o’clock news? Patronize those Main street businesses. Like music? You can pick up or order Daryl Schifft’s new CD made with Martina and Marty at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Or get Annie Wilson’s new CD, 3 Trails West, the Diamond W Wranglers, Barry Ward, Marshal Allen Baily, and dozens of other artists CD’s. How about searching for an old Rudy Love album?

You know there are dozens of organizations that could use your help and support, why not make it a family project. How about making things for your friends and family?

You don’t have to buy junk from China to have a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

Jesus is the reason for the season. Take your kids to church.

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