Joan Baez


I love music. Some of you may have heard me sing when I was able to get on stage. I was not cut out to be in the crazy world of musicians who sometimes sell their souls to do what they love. Some of the smug among the musicians would call me a wannabe and I am sure there were those who did.

When I was young my dad loved Jimmy Rodgers. The little stereo record player that was purchased from Maus Supply would run for hours with Jimmy’s records. Then we had Johnny Cash and many others.

The folks, and then when old enough to go along, we would go and see the Grand Ole Opry shows that Hap Peebles would bring in. Many hours were spent for the folks at the old Forum. I was at the Cotillion for many shows long after the Forum was torn down.

We would meet friends at Hutch JUCO for the all night Gospelthons that was sponsored by KFRM radio. That was when the radio station still did live noon hours with the Plainsmen Quartet with Easmon LaPeir, Abrahm Burnett, and others every weekday.

KFDI was the real Radio Ranch and with their other stations made up the Great Empire Radio empire. Ole Mike took a liking to me and gave me my first gigs doing cowboy poetry.

I made friends in the music world that I never dreamed I would. Many are my best friends yet today. We have been losing so many in the music world. Some I knew and many I wish that I had the chance to meet.

I miss Curly Musgrave, Bill Barwick, Liz Masterson, Liz and Lynn Anderson. I was proud to meet and consider these to be friends and heroes.

We have lost some greats in the last few years. When I watch Country Family Reunion I am watching heroes of my past. So many have passed. I have particularly touched by losing Joey Feek, Jimmy Capps, Charlie Daniels, no chance to meet these.

I have not been able to go to the International Western Music Associations festival in Albuquerque for several years now. I keep in touch with them and now and then write something for the Western Way Magazine. I give away copies of that magazine to who ever wants one.

I don’t care who you are but music has changed the world for the better. It will again. Nothing is impossible with a song in your heart.

As I write this I am listening to my friend Tennessee Jim Farrell’s radio program FULL GALLUP on Truckers Radio USA an internet classic country radio station. How can you be sad listening to the Diamond W Wranglers, Sons of the Pioneers, 3 Trails West, Juni Fisher, Barry Ward, and the Queibe Sisters?

Maybe we can change the world by tuning in music instead of CNN?

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