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I have been hearing about things that seem to make a bit of sense in getting a real change of attitude. It takes me to an old joke that I heard decades ago.

The doctor called the plumber about a leaking sink.

The plumber fixed it in less than an hour and gave the

doctor a bill for five hundred dollars. The doctor was

flabbergasted about the amount of the bill since it took

the plumber about fifteen minutes to fix the problem.

The doctor said I have 12 years of education and a full

staff and I cannot charge that much for fifteen minutes of

work. The plumber replied that “I could not charge this much

when I was a doctor either.”

 We all need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders, and all other trade skills whether we are aware of it or not. When that car that you spent as much as a house on quits, you need someone to work on it and get it going.

I would guess that when you get the bills directly for all of these things you are not at all happy. The bottom line is we need craftsmen and tradesmen. (that covers men and women).

What is your attitude with your kids? Go to college and get a degree in something you cannot get a job with? Or go find what you are happy doing and get the right education for it.

It seems that there is a rather snooty attitude about kids going to Community College. There seems to be a stigma about the  word Community College. What is the biggest problem? ATTITUDE!

I love the joke:

Belinda went and got a degree and cannot get a job.

Bill went to Community College and became a lineman.

Belinda thinks Bill is dumb and laughs.

Bill makes $80,000 a year and laughs when he

cuts off Belinda’s power for non payment.

If you  don’t get the joke you may be in the category with Belinda.

Our kids go to various places and it would be common sense if the credit from each institution would transfer to one of the other schools in the state. We have Regents that are suppose to manage the higher education system in this state.

The reality is that a kid can go to one school for two years and transfer to another and not all of the credits earned will transfer. Or a kid can go to a school like Ft. Hays State but transfer to another university and not all credits transfer.

We also have schools that have express authority and responsibility to work beyond the campuses and with the citizenry of the state. Yet we have an experimental extension station at Hays that is 10 positions short. Other stations are in danger of being shut down. There is a safety supervisor position that is filled but not funded for him to go to each place he is responsible for to do his job.

Since this group is under Kansas State lets let the attitude go where it is. There are many positions connected to the administration that are not required that other parts of the University are deprived. (except the sports, football and basketball pay for all of that).

There needs to be a change of attitude from the Governor’s office, the Legislature, the Board of Regents, and the administrators of the colleges and universities to address the problems. It is the bad attitude that we have had in the past that affects the future.

The student that has a debt that cannot be paid off in the next 20-30 years of their life is just a bad attitude from the top. The alignment of all institutions and the ability for credits to be the same and transferable have to be addressed.

The Colleges and Universities are in distress because they are not able to get as many foreign students as they want because of the amount of money someone gets charge for them. Any guesses who they are? Hope the new students from Himalaya have a good time here.

And if you as a parent have such an attitude that you want your kids to go to a place that soaks up your money, and their time, and gives back nothing but alumni letters wanting money. Then your attitude needs changing also.

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