Kevin Mitnick


Change has always been difficult to implement. People are not comfortable with it. I am no different. I resist change for the sake of change alone. There are times that change is an enemy especially when you are told why the change is taking place.

A large number of people are wanting to change how we live and what our rights are. The changes that they are wanting to do have been done before and not with good results.

If each person had studied the results or listened to those who managed to live through them, they would not make the same mistakes. But what have we historians been saying for years? Do not make the same mistakes again, it won’t turn out any better than it did before.

But what happens? Over and over? The same thing.

You are being manipulated and you know it. If you hit your finger with a hammer the result will be the same when you hit it again. If you are told to hit your finger with a hammer after doing it, will you do it again just because you have been told?

Politics are bad enough but when you allow yourself to be manipulated what result do you expect? Sometime in the past a law was written to “protect” political campaigns from defamation lawsuits. If I tell an outright lie about anyone I can expect to be sued by that person. Politicians exempted themselves from it. So what do we expect when we elect liars?

There are two most outrageous things that we are forced to constantly be bombarded with, lies from PAC organizations and numbers from polls.

PACs use money that comes from sources that no one tells you who they are. It is a blatant way of getting around campaign finance laws and the candidates can disavow support of them and what they say.

Polls are notorious for being manipulated. One word in a question can slant the results that are wanted and not what is honest. Yet there is so much attention paid to poll numbers it is like they are just feeding the public with Pablum and they fall for it.

In the 2016 polls Hillary was supposed to walk away with a landslide victory. From the tears and panic from the press you know they had determined the outcome. So why are the same people believing the polls now? Because they predetermine the outcome.

If we had real and honest elected officials two things would be outlawed right now. POLLS & PACs!

Since we don’t I am not alone. I do not contribute and I do not take polls. I will not support the theft of my money and I will not tell anyone who calls or sends polling letters what I am going to do.

A word for social media, especially Faceplant,  I know how to register and vote. If there are people so dumb that they need you to tell them how or have you send a ballot, I would just as soon they did not vote.

It has been mentioned to me that Democrats have 100% of the World War One veterans votes.

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