Arron Paul


The world today has been turned on it’s head, just as it has been the entire existence of mankind trod-ding on the earth. When the invasion of our country is fodder for political infighting it is just business as usual.

Self interest has become so common place that it is a proven dangerous thing to text and drive, and yet the ‘I am so important’ syndrome has caused the death rate on the highways to increase. And what do the apologists do to explain the increase? It is the higher speed limit. Duh! Is it more deadly to take your eyes off the road or drive faster? It is the idiot behind the wheel who does not care that the 5 thousand pound, more or less, projectile that they are driving that has to be controlled at all times. Not just when you feel like looking up.

I have as much malice against the drunk driver as I do the texting driver. Both have their heads where they do not belong and both take innocent lives.

There is a growing trend among those who admire Socialism to wish it to become a part of us. This proves that the education system has dumbned down the people who go on to vote. Any student who has had any worthwhile world history, civics class, and government class knows better. But they do not get these classes anymore. At least any that teaches how things work.

The citing of how countries who are considered Socialist countries like Sweden and Denmark, (and they are changing),as well as how well the United Kingdom is run, shows no current concept of what actually happens over there.

Here you can say just about anything you are big enough to say and there is no consequence other than people hitting back at you on Facebook and Twitter. In these wonderful countries that people would like to model us, US, after don’t afford these rights.

Say something about the government, other governments, Islam, immigrants, and much else that does not fit into the governmental guidelines and you go to jail for ‘HATE SPEECH’. There is no freedom of speech in these wonderful places they want us to become. (watch what happens when ‘hate’speech is outlawed).

Write a book about a prophet and you can have an international sentence of death put on your head. But you do not support the death penalty for heinous crimes here. If you support these radical cultures you are supporting the sentence whether you like it or not.

When case after case of illegal aliens kill, rape, or maim someone can you separate the fact that there have been caravans coming for years bringing these people here? Even five years ago you agreed with what is trying to be done today, but you are still mad at who the president is. So this means that you can just hide your head in the sand as the country is inundated with those who do not respect us.

The problem today is no one can see the forest for the trees. In the last 50 years there has been the need to straighten out the immigration policies of the nation and neither party was willing to actually do anything about it. Now one man is willing to take on both sides of the issue and actually put himself in the sights of those who are destroying this country. This cuts both ways.

People who actually chastised me for the attitude I had for the last president are now acting like they have lost their minds about this one. I have not seen so much malice and hatred in my life. And they were chastising me?

It is time to lose the hatred and set down and talk about things again. Next time you accuse me or someone else of hate speech be thankful that we have the right and not be put in prison because we speak what is on our mind. Try doing this column in Valenzuela.

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