Today we have become so afraid of offending anyone that we cower when saying anything. We are so angered and sad when there are mass shootings that reason ceases to exist. People who are really only taking advantage of the sorrows of others immediately jump on the band wagon for their favorite cause. Generally this cause is to blame people who have nothing to do with the incident.

To quote a former Presidential adviser and mayor of Chicago, “don’t let a good tragedy go to waste.” Before families are able to bury their dead and grieve, there are angry voices that are demanding that we give up our Constitutional rights for some form of safety. The facts of the evil are not even considered with the evidence.

The things that these mass shootings have in common are people that are known to be angry. That those who know that they are potentially prone to attack do not say anything. And the targets are what are called SOFT TARGETS. This means that they are gun free zones. Except that the attackers have the guns.

The shooter in Ohio came downtown with other people in their car and he even shot his own sister. The shooter was dead withing 30 seconds because there were officers on foot patrol. But still he was able to shoot 9 people and wound over 20. (ya reckon that the people in the car had any idea that he had body armor and a rifle?) His sister drove down with him and then he killed her.

In spite of the outrage no one will address the real problems because we are told that we cannot judge anymore. And we are so afraid of being called racist, and judgmental we will not call out what is really wrong.

As a society we have pushed out God and his Commandments from the every day discussion. God is not allowed in schools, government, or public discussion.

It is crazy that movie goers can understand the difference between the Dark side and the Light but cannot put the knowledge into everyday affairs.

Why is it that the intellectuals, who teach our children, that when God is put out Evil is filling the void? Why is it hateful to point out that evil has taken control of many things in today’s culture?

Why is it that as soon as one maniac does something so evil and vicious that people who did nothing is blamed for the acts? Since the mass school shootings started there was no blaming a president for the occurrences until Trump was elected. Somehow he is blamed for everything that happens.

Why would anyone look to a politician to change what is obviously a lack of concern for others in today’s world? If one stands up for what is good and right today they are attacked by mobs of vicious haters in the world of social media.

Why is it a surprise that children and adults can play horrific games of violence for hours at a time and not be affected by them? How can value of life be held up when there is no value on the baby in the womb or even after birth? When the parts of a murdered baby are sold to the highest bidder? The value of life today has been cheapened so much that there is not even belief in the Holocaust or the millions that have been murdered for political causes?

This world is never going to be the utopia that the Socialists are demanding. Not until it is ended and has passed away. The one shooters manifesto states that “I am going to Hell and not coming back”! Am I a hater if I agree with his statement?

Until we restore a value on life and the value of working towards an afterlife, there will continue to be the occurrence of these horrors.

Until personal responsibility is restored this will happen over and over. Ignore the individual who has done this evil and persecute those who don’t will never solve any problem.

Call a spade a spade and take the heat anyway.

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