Kin Hubbard


Those who run businesses especially those who are hired to run businesses of any size, there are rules to be successful. If you happen to have a business management degree you should pay close attention. Those who plan on a business degree should pay closer attention.

If a professor is going to instruct you how to use sound business practices make sure that the instructor has used sound practices first hand. If an instructor is going to equip you with the proven tools so you can get a job with the degree that you are paying dearly for, then that instructor should have put those practices into actual use and have been successful while doing it.

If you have been instructed to do things without keeping the customer first then demand your tuition money back. We now have people running corporations that first have no idea what the product is, how it is made, and is it safe for the customer to own.

The seconds thing to know is who are you working for. If a manager or owner values both the customer and employee he will take input from both. If your input is not heeded then you should be looking for someone who values your experience and ingenuity. However if these two things are not wanted it is not your place to do things as you see fit.

A successful manager takes advice, gives responsibilities, and takes advantage of new ways of looking at things as a matter of course. It is your responsibility to point out what is possible but do what is determined to be your job.

The management from the boss on down is responsible to keep the business profitable. A board of directors is responsible to have the right people in the right place. The stock holders should hold any CEO responsible for running the company right.

At no point does a business have the right to get into politics. Any company that is willing to lose half of their customer base to make personal political positions should be fired on the spot.

A good example is Goodyear. By taking controversial stands that they had no business taking their stock plunged. People are vowing to not buy Goodyear tires. The company is in the tire business not politics. If there is a problem with T shirt slogans, ban them all or leave it alone.

Wayfare employees told the company not to sell millions of dollars worth of beds to the US Government because they did not want them to go to detention centers. What was accomplished? Millions of people will not do business with the company and those who end up sleeping on the beds probably are sleeping on poor quality beds made in a foreign country who does not care who buys their product. The boss should be fired and the employees should be looking for jobs. There are millions wanting the work.

Starbuck CEO states that if you support traditional families need not drink coffee here. OK! I don’t drink overpriced swill anyway.

Want to be in politics? Run for office. work in YOUR free time for who you want. Being paid to do a job? DO IT!


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