Gertrude Stein


There is a definite failing of the College and University level business schools. It seems that students are turned out with an incomplete education of how successful businesses run. It is not hard for the study of businesses that have failed to serve as an example of what to do and not to do in business.

The first thing that seems to be lacking is a sense of ethics. For anyone who plans to move to the top of a business there seems to be a lack of a sense of responsibility. This loss of responsibility seems to be prevalent through out the country today in many areas.

Maybe marketing experts work on the premise that you can do or say anything no matter how irritating, and still expect to sell your products and services. It is believed that the fact that the name is remembered for any reason is enough to make people want to do business with them.

I have done business with the on line site called Wayfair. Will I do business with them anymore? NO! If a company that lets the rank and file employees dictate through walk outs who the company does business with, I will not support them.

When Camping World CEO states that any supporters of President Trump does not need to do business with his company. Fine I won’t. And most of my acquaintances will not either.

Any Board of Directors that allows the injection of politics into their company by a CEO should fire that person on the spot. Businesses are there to make a profit. When they do not make a profit they go out of business. Any leader that allows the injection of hate and politics into their business is not acting responsibly for the stock holders, employees, and customers.

When you actively irritate 50% of your customers, or more, it is irresponsible and just plain stupid. The old rule of the customer is always right has a lot of weight in business now just as it always has had.

Small business knows that only happy customers will keep you in business. This gets lost in the upper chambers of the corporate world. When the latest trend is to move everything from government to business into a socialist utopia the end is in sight. Even with the failing of many businesses, even in a climate of prosperity, should teach lessons that have been lost. It is the same with people who take to the streets to demand that we become Venezuela.

There seems to be a movement to persecute companies that maintain a sense of ethics. It gives me great pleasure that when hate is used to try and hurt a company like Chik Filet. When the haters attack them and Hobby Lobby, the reaction is more people supporting those companies. Not hard to figure out, haters don’t get their way.

Maybe it is time to fire the professors that teach the modern business model and hire those who have been on the line creating the businesses and creating jobs.

To those who think that dictating to the boss is how the business world works, check out the address of the local unemployment office.


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