Ludwig von Mises


The West is burning up. There are multiple stories written and reported about the tragedies that seem to grow worse every year. Millions of acres burn up, trillions of board feet of timber is incinerated. Lives are lost, peoples lives are turned upside down and what is the response from the government? Throw billions of dollars at the problems! One official made the bold statement that “the government will spare no expense to help!” BOVINE FECES!

We know what the problems are. If one more idiot brings up ‘climate change’, I propose resurrecting the lynch mob.

First the green morons get in the way of any movement towards mitigating the overgrown unhealthy forests. The logging industry was killed in the west by crazies and bureaucrats. People who don’t know a pine tree from poison ivy give money to organizations that have sworn to remove the rancher, logger, and miner from the west. Organizations that overpay for ranch land pushing generational families out build multi million dollar houses on the land they are ‘saving’.

Are you feeling the pinch of lumber prices raising to outlandish levels? Well the lumber that you should be buying is going up into smoke. We are breathing the smoke here in Kansas from California, Oregon, Washington,Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Canada. Be as green as you want there is as much or more going into the atmosphere than your regulations could save in a decade.

What does the government do all winter when a battle for healthy forests could be waged? Nothing!

Environmental whackos prevent even burned timber be salvaged. Every year about this time the same headline is put out, “Will this year be the worst season for fires yet?” The answer is always YES, YES IT IS.

The last few years you may have noticed that when California has fires burning out of control, what is the factor that turned the tide? Global Worldwide Services deploy 944. 944 is the 747 Boeing that took the technology of Evergreen Services and improved on it. Where the largest fire service air tanker drops up to 8000 gallons. The helicopters using Bambi buckets drop 600.

944 drops just shy of 20,000 gallons. It takes 12 of the average air tankers to equal 944’s capacity. You would think everyone would love 944? Not the government. Yes 944 is expensive. Not using 944 is more expensive. Ask the two towns burned down by the Dixie fire.

What distinguishes towns not burned and those that have? One thing is preparation and foresight. What is the one thing they won’t have any more? 944. 944 is gone. Lack of certification by the government limited where it could be used. Even with the results there are those who never extinguished anything more than a cigar say it don’t work. The company could not afford to fight anymore.

Where is 944 now? In Texas stripped down to a freighter hauling Covid supplies.

Yep, I am from the government and I am here to help you.

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