Hugh Prather


Life has a funny way of drop kicking you as you think things are just where they should be. Reality jumps up and punches you in the nose and gets your attention. It is interesting that this brave new world is spinning so fast that institutions are having a hard time adapting to it.

I had a Priest tell me once that if you pray for patience God will give you a lot to be patient for. Better to pray for wisdom. I agree. The best comment I ever heard was “If you want to see God laugh, tell him what you are going to do.”

When we think that everything is out of control we only have to stop and remember that what is meant to be will be, and if you are meant to do something you had best do it.

People are rioting and acting like idiots trying to stop others from talking or living their life as they see fit. People want to tear down something that has taken more than 200 years to make it this far. It takes wisdom to try and deal with everything that is going on.

Mark Zuckerberg had to go before Congress to answer why the Federal government should not step in and regulate the internet especially Facebook. The answers are as simple as one through ten. It is called the Ten Commandments. It has been the basis of what is right and wrong since Moses came down off that mountain.

Now if anything scares me it is the Federal Government stepping in to fix anything, we all know how that goes. Like “You have to pass it to know what is in it”. That went well. And with all the good that Obamacare has been it is still a question as to how an eight dollar bag of IV fluid costs eight hundred dollars in the hospital?

How the Federal agencies, who are in charge of managing public land, manages to destroy, burn, and mishandle them? How does a Federal Judge allow evidence to be held back from trial so obviously that the jury can see the miscarriage of justice? How does an agency who is in charge of fighting fires refuse to approve a new proven technology? And how can all these agencies have the gall to say that they are doing a good job with their trust?

It seems that simple personal responsibility and following ten simple rules would be far more simple than trying to shout and destroy what ever displeases you at the moment.

Also, no one has explained how the rioters get off the buses just blocks away from where they decide to create a scene. How do those people eat? Where do they get their money? Anyone who has to make a living is at work.

For those who are offended at my ideas. I am soooooo sorry. Not.


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