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Are you bored of living a boring existence in Kansas? Do you lay around the house and complain that “there is just nothing to do!” Well if your attitude requires the community and world to cater to your desires, you can join those moving to the big city where you have so much excitement. Move to places that have all night gunshots, sirens, screaming, shouting, and boom boxes that shake the floor under your feet. Yes go to where the crime rate is going up as fast as that broken elevator is plunging down in your 50 story tenement house.

Or you can pick up the paper, get dressed and go do something. It is not like there is nothing going on in Kansas. You just have to change your attitude, get off the couch, and shut off PMSNBC. Why the paper has listed columns of things to go to. Things like the Wildflower Tour in Barber County. The Bartlet Arboretum in Bell Plain. The Caldwell Chisholm Trail Fest and the Border Queen Museum. The Stockade Museum in Medicine Lodge and Carey Nation House. The 5th Annual PRCA Rodeo in Haysville. The 60th Annual Art Fair at the Kansas State Fair grounds. The Yellow Brick Road car show in Liberal, while you are there check out Dorthy’s house and the Aircraft Museum. The Old Cowtown Museum Community Fair Days.

Not enough?

Well the Aviation Museum in Wichita. Abbyville Frontier Days Rodeo and BBQ. NJCAA DI Outdoor track and field meet. The Allen Samuels Movie Nights in Hutch. Learn Primitive survival skills seminar. Sedgwick County Hot Rodders Swap meet at the Kansas State Fairgrounds (they had to go out of county since they gave away the Coliseum). Steam Punk Weekend at Old Cowtown. The 4 State Farm Show, (see Big Brutus while your that way). 8th Annual Snyder Highway Marathon, (stop at the Flint Hills Center while your there). The Peony Festival at Stockton. The Honor Flight fund raiser at The Barn in Burrton. Robinsons Summer Craft Sale in Hutch. Art Fest at the Riverfest, (did you know Willie Nelson is headlining the Riverfest this year?)

Need more?

11th annual Smoke on the Plains in Derby. Kanopolis State Park Horse Thief Canyon Trail Head. Sunflower Cluster Dog Show. Chingawassa Days in Marion. Smallville Festival. We Will Remember tribute in Hutch. Kansas Honor Flight car show. The Maize citywide garage sale. The National Day of the Cowboy. The Diamond W Wranglers at the Prairie Rose. Steam and Gas Engine Show at Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Don’t forget the Great Kansas Road Trip this year! How about a drive and visit through Quivera National Wildlife Refuge, Cheyenne Bottoms, The Great Plains Nature Center, or McPherson Wetlands? You know there are great shows at the Hutchinson Fox, Salinas’s Stiffel, and the Orpheum Theaters!

Still bored? Maybe you do need to go to Chicago. Just tell them where to send the remains.

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