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Have you just come to the point of accepting the lies told to you by your Big Brother? Do you even talk to your students when the come home about what they are being taught today? Is there a reason why the number of upset, depressed, and suicidal students are increasing every year?

Are you willing to even consider that the problem is? And not what is pronounced by the all knowing and all important government bureaucrat. And the news media that gives credit to what is being sold without even asking simple questions?

Do you believe that your opinion is taken seriously by those who govern and those who instruct the next generation? If you do you are the definition of the problem.

I wrote on the fight that the states, including Kansas, had on the forced installation of the Common Core Curriculum into our schools. I was told by legislators that they could not control what was set as standards for the instruction of our students. This because of the seven year cycle of the State School Board’s adopting of the information that is to be put into our schools.

We were assured that Kansas was not adopting the Common Core programs because of the problems that were coming up with the way education was being taught in other states. And the dropping of actual knowledge that are kids are tested for.

It is a sham that our kids are being educated when every reporter who actually asks questions in interviews on our campuses get a lot of giggling and just plain stupid behavior.

Is it any wonder that the top students in the state standings are home schooled? I live in a community in which a lot of home schooled students are really smart but also there are so many that are simply kept out of school because of costs and plain laziness of the parents. Yet the top percentiles each year in Kansas are home schooled.

So why am I so fired up now at the end of the school year? Let me count the reasons. We are about to vote on a bond issue and there are several things really needed, but it will not survive because it is about academics, safety, and not athletics. Athletics is the god that drives everything in the schools. Also we are needing some new teachers and it is for important things like math and science. If it were positions for coaching they would be filled by now.

But what really fired me up is a little article I read in a local University magazine (yes I can read). A graduate of this university is being honored for the prestigious position that she now holds. What got her there was imparted by “She has been part of the leadership team that guided the district’s (a school district) move to Common Core State Standards, a district wide academic and behavioral blue print known as ‘Multi-Tier System of Supports, expansion of the Avid program and a new reading curriculum for primary grades.”

So in spite of telling me in direct interviews and in other forms of communication that Kansas had backed away from Common Core it was actually a lie in that the name was changed to cover the fact that the controversial perversion known as Common Core was actually put into our schools under a different name.

Did anyone actually see the admission of Bill Gates and his wife that “Common Core has turned out to be a bad program”? After admitting that eight years of Common Core around the country has been a miserable failure. And my self and many others have asked how you can take eight years of education that was bad away from the students and give them a good education? The answer is they can’t.

So the Kansas kids are still being taught from a program that has been admittedly a bad program and there is no change in sight. But then the Government has managed to enslave millions of students with outrageous loans that cannot be paid off, they are easing another generation that will end up owing the government money for the rest of their lives.

Do you feel like there is a group of people who believe that we have stupid stamped on our foreheads? While they are stamping stupid on the foreheads of the next generation? And they congratulate themselves for being so smart and feel that they are doing a great job of saving us from ourselves?

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