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We have just passed the Thanksgiving holiday and now are preparing for the birth of Christ. Are you still being thankful yet?

I just read a story about a man who hired a Downs Syndrome boy for his first job. It was an eye opening experience in not only his life, but also the lives of a dozen teenage crew members who initially wanted no part of working with a ‘retard’. They quickly had their eyes opened and discovered why the word ‘retard’ is no longer used in today’s world. They discovered what true joy actually is. They all found out that we all are blessed with weaknesses and talents. They all learned the joy of doing a good job no matter who is doing it.

We are so busy worrying about the newest strain of the Covid and trying to buy worthless trinkets that will soon be broken or thrown away. Do you actually stop and do something that brings true joy to yourself and others?

We all get letters, emails, texts, and phone calls for those with good causes and some that don’t. Does it frustrate you that you cannot give to every good cause? Or do you just sign a check every month just to feel good? There is so much that needs done and giving from your surplus may make you feel good, but does it actually do you any good?

At the Temple many gave from their surplus just for show, but the widow gave two coins that she could not afford. Jesus said the widow gave more than all the others. Ever heard the story that we unknowingly meet angels? Seems that there are many angels giving you your chance to do good.

In the pile of mail that comes everyday, I received the winter newsletter from FREEDOM GATE BOYS RANCH. If you never heard of them it is a group of dedicated people who take kids not in trouble but getting too old for the system to help. They take boys that need guidance and education and give them a moral frame work to flourish in. In the small town of Hazelton, Kansas they remodel old homes and a former school to live in. There are house parents who live and work around the clock.

The ranch is slowly growing because everything is done by volunteers and themselves. There is a slab poured for a new building that only lacks funds and time to finish. They have fund raisers and a lot of community support. The tragedy is that they get calls everyday for another kid that needs help, and they have to turn most of them down. They lack the space and funds to help everyone.

Why don’t you look at their website

In this season of joy why don’t you look into being an angel?

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