Anne Applebaum


Say you are young, willing to serve a higher cause, so you enlist into the military service of your country? You have endured severe physical and mental training? You may have been deployed to a war zone or served in a support role? You have obeyed orders and put up with who knows how much incompetence? You now have a choice to take a vaccine that you may have doubts about and you decide to pass on the shot? No matter how faithful you may be or have been and now bureaucrats and politicians are ordering you to take the shot? What is the Biden Administration going to do to you? Take everything away including your honor!

Yes this is what Slow Joe is going to do to our military. Our own Senator Roger Marshal along with other Senators have had to introduce a bill to prevent this from happening. It is to be attached to the military appropriations bill that keeps the military funded. With out this bill any member of the military that refuses to take the Covid shot would be ‘Less than Honorably Discharged’. This is the same thing that members convicted of things like theft, rape, and other crimes.

Members would lose pensions, the right to vote, the right to own a firearm, the right to hold office, and throw in other things that are taken away from convicted felons. You could have taken a bullet, or other injuries, and lose everything for the power hungry ego’s of those who are trying to exert power over all of us.

I have been tolerant to this point but if you support these traitors to the Constitution and of all our rights, then you are just as guilty of what is being perpetuated on the American people. When attacked on 9-11-2001 we came together as a nation. If it were to happen again you would see the sleeping giant wake up again. But when the giants throat is cut from within who will rise up against the hand bearing the knife?

We have allowed false ideologies to take over our seats of government and our learning institutions and put the blade in the hand of those who have no high calling or faith. At what point will you stand for what is right and good? Or will you bow down to the evil one who laughs as you condemn yourselves?

As an active duty, veteran, injured, and deceased, our Commander in Chief has surrendered and made invalid the sacrifices of those who have served us honorably. Now as the sovereignty of our nation is thrown out the window on the border. Our officials have supported the cartels and the Chief of the Joint Chief’s of Staff has collaborated with the Chinese. Our members of the military do not only have to suffer through Wokeness training, but they can be treated as criminals because of politics.

I am sorry, but if you support this you are no better than those overthrowing our country.

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