I think that some think all I do is complain, well I do my share. I usually have an answer to what I am irritated at so I am not gripping. What I do is try to get my readers to think for themselves. At Christmas time there are a lot of people that get depressed and I understand. I started losing my best friends when I was forty and it has not slowed up. I used to get down at this time of year but if you do stop to consider that we do not have it so bad. One thing is for sure that nothing lasts in this world and change is always happening.

When it starts to get you down or a bit sad just think of all the good things you have. We are not being attacked by a heartless dictator that is not only killing people but trying to destroy the power grid so people will freeze during a long hard winter. There are jobs for anyone willing to work and despite being told by the experts, you can help yourself and others if you choose to. Helping those who are in need is an option that everyone has.

I cannot understand how anyone can turn their back on a loving, just God who sent his only son to die for us so we do not spend an eternity of regret. When I lose someone that I love I am consoled that they are now with a loving Creator and their earthly sufferings are finished. I see the hand of Satan in so much that many are not aware that it is he that they worship. We are in a generation and have raised  generations of people who turn their back on God so they can do whatever they want. It is so sad that all a person has to do is turn to the Lord, ask forgiveness, and try to live by ten simple rules.

The latest bill that is offered in Congress is four thousand pages long. There is no person capable of reading and understanding this bill in the two days they get before voting on it. Man can be so obstinate that we believe that a handful of people that is influenced by thousands of others, and then turn over the results to millions of entrenched bureaucrats to implement, can be doing something that will make you safe. You just give them your freedoms and free will.

As we stop to take a day to celebrate the birth of the Christ child, there will be a dump of dictates from the government when no one is watching.

Are you of good cheer? You should be because the future lies in another place. Will you be there?

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