Today’s divisions that are tearing apart the fabric of our nation, regions, and families is the result of highly emotional arguments and manipulation of those who are masters at creating divisions and gaining control of things that they want to be in charge of.

So many things in today’s world are opposed to what the founders intended and it is fashionable to change the narrative of not only why we became a country but how to fundamental change what we are and have been. And this is all very emotional.

For those who want to radically change our constitution and how we select our leaders are you aware of what you are really wanting to be done? Is the ultimate aim to really make our country better? Do you understand what happens if what you want to change actually happens?

After every viscous attack by a murderer is made on a large group of people there is a standard cry for something to be done no matter what. It is the emotional argument that leaves no room for facts or reason. It just feels good emotionally to believe that real change can be affected by doing something. And simple solutions very seldom ever work as intended. But we all know this. We have the examples of what has happened in history to warn us of the Utopian solutions and how they have been just the opposite of what they promised.

Take the gun debate. Highly emotional positions keep people from having a truly factual debate. So what if the Second Amendment were taken away? Do you know what you are wanting? What will happen to your friends and relatives or even yourself if it is taken away?

Right now the push is to ban Assault rifles. Yet there is no rifle that is called an assault rifle. Be that as it may, it has been the aim of the groups like the Brady gun organization and many others that the ultimate goal is to ban all guns. How will that affect you and people you know? First it requires the law enforcement agencies to suspend the fourth, fifth, and other Amendments in order to do the confiscation. With 300 million guns there is no way that all owners will voluntarily give up their property.

So what now. People you know who never have committed any crime are now felons by default. With only hearsay they will be subject to their doors being broken down and their homes and property searched and if anything is found that was now banned they will be taken away and held for trial. But it only takes one person who has a grudge against you for your door to be kicked in for ‘probable cause’. Your life will be disrupted and the accusations, even though false, will be recorded on your record.

In the mean time any criminal, who does not obey any law, is free to break in and take your property and others. Criminals don’t obey laws, that is why they are criminals.

The cry of Mental Illness is an emotional subject. Once again the label is according to interpretation by so many. One Senator has made it clear that she considers any veteran mentally ill. Another Representative has announced that anyone on Social Security should be considered mentally ill and their rights be taken away. A wide interpretation of the label isn’t it?

After the mass murder in Newtown a family with a son with autism has been in terror of being labeled as a potential threat. Added pressure that the family did not need. Even with a push on mental illness is put forward it is illegal already for an adjudicated mental patient to buy a gun. But HIPPA laws will not allow the reporting to the FBI for listing on the background check list.

Will you leave the safety to agencies that dropped the ball in Florida? Will the reports that when you ‘see something say something’ are ignored, will doing something else really feel so good?

Will you feel better when society breaks down to this level all because you could not discuss honestly why our culture has broken down and evil has reign on a once great people.

No one wants to ever see another mass shooting again. But is it better to be aware of what the vulnerabilities are and turn the society around? Emotion has only one place in the argument, to bring about a discussion of what can be done to stop all this and still remain a free country.

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