Winston Churchill


Attitude is a big thing and lately I have been having a bad attitude. Now I know you will think this is about politics. Not this time.

In many if not all news and websites that come on to my e-mail there are one set that are really giving me a bad attitude. I may be missing out on the greatest discoveries of all time and missing a way to correct my health, but I automatically delete them when they arrive. This because of my bad attitude. Or maybe because of the terrible sales pitch that everyone in the electro-commerce world seems to use. I am sure there is one room full of mental patients that write all of these infomercials.

For example, “the secret has been discovered by (add here) that big (add here) does not want you to know about. Really? Like they can’t even keep a secret from the press anyway.

The next step is having you click on it which flashes to the whole world SUCKER!!!! Send all your stuff to him he will waste his time and send you money!!! I think the FCC, HHS, and what ever letter agency there is should be prosecuting fraud.

It goes like this. ‘Big exaggerated claim’, start story of the woes that this condition is and the conspiracy of the big companies to hide the truth from the gullible public. Tell about the humble beginnings of the ‘Doctor’ (insert inventor, or what fits). Tell about the evil big companies that cannot afford for you to know the truth. Tell it over again. Click to listen to more. Repeat the story 10 different ways. Start the lead in. Announce the value of the information and how the doctor (or what ever) could get rich or be assassinated for revealing the truth. Get dramatic. Tell how as a favor to you because they care so much, you will have the opportunity to share in the secret.

This is repeated several times leading up the the book, product, DVD, CD, or membership that will only cost you around $300 dollars. Go on and repeat what was said and how lucky you are that they are so benevolent to include you in this. Click Here to send you easy credit card information in so we can enroll you. It will save your life.

In this process you will be dying to go to the bathroom, eat, do anything but waste more time here. You will have wasted around a half hour and come away believing any theory that is put to you. You are marked for these sessions and more will come as long as your money or credit holds out. Will you get better? Nope. But you will be poorer.

Some things to think about. Why do animals get fat on grass? If you are vegetarian do you start to smack your lips and drool while mowing the grass like when barbecuing a steak of smelling bacon fry. Why do people come here where there are bikinis, hot dogs, bacon, rock and roll, the ability to say whatever you want, do what ever job interests you, and want to change it?

If the old days were so good why did you die in your thirties and have your teeth rot out of your head in your twenties? Do you long for the days when you have to go out back to the little outhouse no matter what the weather is? When you are hot you throw the window up instead of turning the A/C down? Remember to build the fire in the stove, even on 100 degree days, to cook your meals?

I do miss butchering my own meat but don’t do it anymore because it is easier to go to the grocery store.


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