Pardon my attitude. My life has been so different than what I planned that dreams have become a source of disappointments. Do not for a moment think that I am crying in my beer. Since I have not had a beer in years that would be my handy ice water cup and straw from the KU Med Center stay last January. Dreams are great things and goal setting is one of the foundations of success that is taught by business success motivators. But are your dreams really what you want?

The old saying is “be careful what you wish for.” The most frustrating time in life is when you are young and need to figure out what your goals are. I have seen so many success stories that turn out to be frustrated lives. Success in the worldly sense does not equate with happiness. And happiness is an elusive goal. My friend a long time ago was a hard worker and a savvy businessman. As success mounted the more time was put into work building more success. And in turn more success required more effort. Over time success was an overriding goal. Today he is the most successful resident in the cemetery.

Attitude is important. The right attitude is essential. Attitudes have been shifting in the country today and those who would shape attitudes are becoming more and more extreme. My grandparents would be appalled at the attitudes today. They would be shocked at the pornography that passes as television, movies, music, and the attitudes of those who deem themselves superior to their neighbors.

Attitude is essential to success but it is also essential to failure. My attitude today is much different than what it was 40 years ago. And it should be. I need to keep in mind what I have experienced and have learned through all these years. For all the disappointments I have had incredible good fortune. I have to always keep this in mind.

Some believe that offering my opinions is a great bit of hubris. I always try to temper it with the fact that the good Lord has allowed me to experience so much in my lifetime, good and bad. Sometimes I wonder how long it will keep up.

I pray that I can still keep the reader thinking. If I am right or wrong I am not the judge.

But I still have an opinion, and an attitude.

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