The news is that Visa is offering businesses $10,000 to not take cash and ‘make’ their customers pay with plastic. This bit of news was glossed over just as fast as the court in England having the power to condemn a baby to death against the wishes of his parents.

The only way you would know that several countries of the world have forcibly gone to a cashless society in order to control every aspect of life for its citizens, are not getting the news from the mainstream media.  Many of these countries just used it as a vehicle to confiscate money from peoples bank accounts to pay for the governments bankrupted policies.

If you think that the freedoms that so many have died for in the 247 years of this country being free are worthless you just go on being clueless at the slow creep that is destroying what we take for granted in this country.

By Visa making a move to force businesses from using cash is a blatant but subtle way of helping those who are deep seated in government who just want the right to take what you have when ever they deem it appropriate.

As a business we will not bite on this ridiculous ‘offer’ of $10,000 because we will not dictate how our customers want to pay us. Plus we will not do business with any company that tells us that the option of using legal US Currency at their establishments is not an option. Is the integrity of a business bought for $10,000? Is your integrity sold for $10,000?

It is time to end the obvious and subtle moves to separate us from our freedoms. Freedom is not for sale but it has been bought expensively. At the rate that is estimated by Think Tanks for many years, an average person breaks the law several hundred times a day. If you think that more regulation, statues, or threats will keep your free you are very mistaken.

It was said by a very wise man that “Freedom is won by each generation and is only one generation from being lost.” Those who wish for a bureaucrat to regulate how you spend your money or even a judge who holds life and death over your child, will live to regret what they allowed this country to become. Ask how Cyprus and Valenzuela like their governments.

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