Oliver Tambo


The nation needs a good Gibbs slap to the back of its head. It eludes me why anyone can truly believe that sending the United States into a tail spin and want us to become Venezuela. It is truly amazing that the news media cannot figure out why they cannot count on the Hispanic citizens to think and act all the same way. To bad the media gurus can not talk to individuals. They are to busy pronouncing what they want everyone to believe.

When bi-partisan commissions can conclude five years in advance that electronic companies sell inferior products, and that sending out reams of ballots with no controls, are going to be bad. We probably should have believed them.

Now if you have the audacity to ask questions you are subject to hate and threats, we can identify who the fascists’ are?

It is amazing that the majority of states can actually count ballots in a couple of days. It is equally amazing that only a handful of states who can’t are controlled by Demoncratic machines.

Until the freedom to move is stopped most of the rat holes dominated by machines will lose enough voters that they may decide to stop abortion in their poor neighborhoods to raise a new generation of voters. (Don’t see that happening). Many of those people are waking up to the four year cycle of promising everything and doing nothing.

When the hatred for President Trump is long gone I wonder if the people will hate eating zoo animals or out of trash cans the most. Ask the Venezuelan people which they hate the worst? They were once the 4th richest country on earth.

Is that oil edible?

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