I was faced with a jolt just the other day. As much as I dislike the computer and the world it has brought, it died. All of a sudden all of my work for years was not there. I had no phone number for my computer tech because I wrote his name in my old fashioned book but did not have his number.

So without going into full on panic mode I started pulling out the hard drive and blowing the year of dust since I had cleaned it. I jiggled every wire and shut down the power and repowered up. The computer tried to start but all I hear were sounds and no screen. My new mouse had died and I dug out the old mouse and put in new batteries and got it working. I went behind the screen and jiggled wires and blew more dust around.

And then it started working. How I do not know. A couple hours later my brother came home from Medicine Lodge and when I told him what had happened he said a lot of people in town had the same thing happen at the same time. People in town are on two different phone companies and I am on another. There is not connection as to having the same problem at the same time. THIS IS STRANGE.

The only explanation I can give with my limited techno-idiocray is there was a small electro magnetic pulse from a sun spot. Now before you throw yourself on the floor or roll your eyeballs back in your head (your mom said stop that they might get stuck).

Let me explained. In the 1850’s the earth experienced a major electromagnetic storm from a huge eruption on the sun. It is an event that happens in a major way about every 150 years. The infant telegraph system was just being built and the first Trans Atlantic cable had been laid. When the electromagnetic storm hit the earth telegraph keys burst into flame and some telegraph buildings were destroyed by fire. The new cable to Europe melted and was rendered useless. A new cable had to be laid. This was the very first electronic infrastructure that the country and the world had. So it was a curious event but did not leave a lasting memory.

Scientists will explain the sunspot activity that occurs that disrupts communications every now and then. But a major event is long over due. Now we are dependent on unshielded electronic systems that control every part of our lives. The electric grid, computers, automobiles, trains, aircraft, military systems, food production and transportation are all controlled by electronics. Only the military and some government agencies have shielded themselves from a major event.

Congress mandated a panel of experts in electro magnetic pulses to study the effects of an event happening over the United States. This ranges from the natural sun storm activity to a nuclear warhead being exploded in our atmosphere at about 30,000 feet. This was the great danger that North Korea posed. They did not have to get the warhead down to the earth to destroy America it only had to get it down just far enough to detonate it. You would not hear the blast, there would be no damage, but everything electronic that was unshielded would be fried including the major transformers that operate the power grid.

Those major transformers take over a year to build and then be shipped to the US from overseas. They are so big that it is difficult to get them to where they need to be. By this time the estimated death of the US population is estimated at 90%, but this is not enough to make electric companies shield their components. In fact the industry has a huge lobby in Washington fighting any hint of preparation being mandated. Why? Good question.

But the nuclear threat is relegated to the realm of science fiction. But then again, there is the over due solar storm. This is a proven reality. So are we going to allow Armageddon by our own inaction? Seems that is what will happen. We do it to ourselves.

The known course of action would be to fix the system. If the feds cannot act in the interest of the country the states can. Does anyone in Topeka care?


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