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I am writing this on a new computer. The old one was 14 years old (but the hard drive was only about 9). So to the young whippersnappers this really dates me. Yes the drug me kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. But something happened the other day that has blown my mind.

I like to watch the history programs on the Blaze. Glenn Beck does some wonderful work on historic figures that you either think you know about, or never heard of. So I was checking the guide and the Dish Network had listed on the channel that the Blaze was no longer available. It said that the Blaze does not program on satellite or cable stations any more.

Well with the history of Dish and the disputes that they get into when they try to up the cost of the position to the networks, I did not buy it. When something is gone it is always said that it was the networks fault. I am still hot over the fact that Fox Midwest and another sports channel is not on due to a dispute. The Kansas teams that I like to watch are mostly not available.

So I went to the horses mouth to find out what was going on. The spokesman for the Blaze told me that their online and device business is growing so fast that they are just not dealing with the hassles of the TV providers.


I informed him that I do not have those devices. I am happy with a flip phone and I do not text or tweet. I do good to deal with Facebook and I am not interested in the new electronic devices. Now I understand the difficulty of dealing with people like DISH, DIRECT, COX, and other providers but just stopping TV? I am just tickled that I finally have a 48 inch TV. I am not going to watch things on a dinky screen while trying to walk, drive, or being in a group not talking.

So I just guess that I am officially an old fogy. I do not want to spend all day in front of the confuser. I do enough of that when I am researching and writing. Now and then a You Tube video, but not a steady diet of looking at my hand or wrist. I prefer to see what is around me. Besides John Wayne does not look good on a 4 inch screen.

I can not wait until the ranch gets sold and I do not have to worry about what I have missed out on for the business by not doing all the new electronic things. After all I just now have Skype. And they tell me that that is out of date.

If they ever come to haul me to the nursing prison I am going to get one of those new scooter chairs and race them down the street.

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