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If you wonder how things get so messed up at the state and federal level, you only have to look at where those politicians come from. The politicians have all started somewhere. Many start at the city commission level. To prove that just look at the Haven City Council. Out of the clear blue a motion was made to remove the motto on their police cars, and their facebook page, ‘In God We Trust’. You might say that the citizens were surprised.

There was no agenda item listing the ‘issue’. No one can remember any group advocating that this simple statement that most police departments have on their cars. No one can remember any protestations that the City had better get rid of God. I don’t believe that the police go out trusting the city council to keep them safe. Most officers I know put their trust in God.

The oath that every official takes, including council members, is to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. In the Constitution it states the “freedom of religion” not the freedom from religion. Some think that there is something noble about standing against God. I think if you take a poll inside the churches in Haven I believe that this will be considered a bad idea. I am not going to quote scripture about not standing for God. Those who think this is a good idea are not reading scripture so it is not a good argument.

If I were going in for coffee as a Haven resident I would have to ask the question of my commissioner, ‘What the Hell are you thinking?’ I am sure that some will.

It does not recommend a community to attract business, industry, or new residents for the council to take a position that they no longer trust in God. Of course there is only one alternative to this, we trust in Satan to leave us alone. Maybe they think he is too busy in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington to bother us. After all he is busy with Putin right now.

I believe I would reconsider the councils action.

PS… I was just in the heart hospital and saw that the Haven City Council listened to their voters and rescinded the removal of IN GOD WE TRUST. Good for them, at least the three that agreed. I look forward to the next couple elections. Voters do have long memories. It should be entertaining to see the incumbents dance to the music. I do not expect a waltz.

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