Kansas State Motto


We are upon the birthday of the Great State of Kansas. And the motto is still as relevant today as it always has been. It all started as a boomer state. The virtues of the ‘tropical environment’ were used to bring the immigrant from the European continent. The railroads needed to sell land in order to make money off of the government grants. They also needed to back hall the production of the new farmers.

Cities popped up all over and the fraud of creating counties that had virtually no population was rampant. Some counties did not pay off the fraudulent bonds until the 1940’s.

But the people who stuck it out made it the bread basket of the world. The air capital of the world. Plus we slaughter the most meat in the world. In other words, we feed the world.

We also raised the kids that go out and conquer the world. We wave goodbye to our graduates as they leave and make there mark on the world. Sometimes they come home to visit.

We have always had the most topsy turvey politics in the country. There have been articles written about ‘What is Wrong With Kansas? Very seldom is it ‘What is Right With Kansas?’

Farming and ranching is a roller coaster ride and so is the aircraft industry. Yet Kansas has so much going for it.

I have filled two and now three books with the stories of what Kansas and Kansans have done. There is so much good with the state and yet we are losing population on a daily basis.

We are a predominately a Republican state and invariably elect Democrat Governors. We have many institutions of higher learning that gets so much support for football and basketball. But leaves the student in debt for half of their productive life.

States that have figured out how to attract people are the envy of our state and yet the legislature and Governor cannot figure out how to copy it.

We now have virtually no major newspaper that is Kansas owned. No TV media that has it’s roots in Kansas. Those of us who are believers in Kansas still see the value in the rural economy. Yet what will happen to the over all economy when the rural economy is gone. Enjoy your poisoned Chinese food.

Ad Astra Per Aspera. Through difficulty still.

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