Byron Dugan


There is always a big rush to take a horrible situation and turn it to something that shifts responsibility. Since the individual responsibility has been removed from everything those who would use this for their own reasons seem to take center stage.

We may never understand what possessed a man to kill and injure so many people but he is responsible for his acts. There are so many that want to find something else that is responsible they deny the fact that there exists just plain evil in this world.

We have so many different things in our country and world that want to make radical change that we have to deal with all the rushes to judgement and arguing that comes from the horrific acts.

What would it be like if integrity would take the place of all the division in our world? Well it would be just like it was promised in the scriptures. We will never have peace in this world until the end. All we can do as humans is our best. Evil is the great liar in our midst and it leads everyone to a path of destruction.

What can we do to help? Take responsibility. Our media is granting the wish of the madman by continually saying his name. This gives other unbalanced people the notion that they will be famous if they do a horrendous act. Stop ranking the worst incident in our modern history. They had to insert ‘modern’ since more Indian’s were killed at wounded knee. But even this is not enough, 72 were killed at the Branch Davidian Compound near Waco when the leader could have been arrested on the street most any time. Jim Jones killed many more with Cool-Aid and the scene was even more horrific when others were attacked investigating it.

Could our news media be a little more even handed and objective? They could be but responsibility has gone out the window in favor of taking a narrative. Can anyone just set down and discuss what is wrong and offer solutions anymore? Do not try it online. Do not try it before a University audience.

Respect and responsibility have been thrown out the window and then people cannot figure out how things get so screwed up. I would like to see the editorial cartoons actually be a little more critical of all sides of an issue. I would like to see comedians actually make us laugh again and not lecture us on their opinions. I would like to see an event where the protests are kept outside. I am not interested in the opinion of a player, I want to watch something that politics are not injected into.

Responsibility and respect go hand in hand. Yet it seems that both are the casualty of today’s political battles. Tantrums used to be dealt with by responsible parents. Now tantrums are the tool of division.

There is a responsibility to respect the past, our flag, our history, and our nation. If there is change needed then go about doing it in the manner it has been allowed us by our forefathers. The alternative is the manner used by Mao, Fidel, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and every other dictator who murdered their citizens to achieve power.

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