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When I sit down and write it is because of what is on my mind at the moment. So you are seeing this after 9-11. On this day in 2001 I was watching the TV when there was an announcement by the hosts that there was a report of an airplane hitting one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Nothing was know at that moment and they turned on the camera that is on the roof of the studios in New York. It was quite evident that something larger than the small plane that was first speculated about hit the tower. Information was sketchy as with any breaking news story.

Chaos was going on near the scene and as the story was unfolding a jet came out of no where and plunged into the second tower. It was shocking and was evident that the United States was under attack. As numbing as this was the report of the Pentagon being hit and a crash in Pennsylvania just added to the consternation of myself and probably everyone else in the country at that time.

Today as we have people trying to tear down our country and people being divided, it is time for everyone to just stop. Stop the division. As Admiral Yamamato stated after the attack on Pearl Harbor “I believe we have awakened a terrible giant”.

For a while we were united as a country. We went after our enemies and are still fighting the battle of terrorism around the world. We are also fighting the war here on US soil. But we have allowed those who oppose us to have a foothold in our daily lives. We have let people who do not act out of love of country to tear us down as a people. We have allowed people who are dedicated to the destruction of our country to have a voice.

As one official of a previous administration said, “don’t let a disaster be wasted”. This attitude has led our country into new divisions that have not been a reality for generations. We find that politics has now degenerated into a destructive force that threatens our status in the world.

Since the very first conflict our citizens have sacrificed everything including their lives, so that we can live as we do now. Our founding fathers had a vision that went way beyond the concept of what this nation could be and how things are today. Yet they had the insight to see that there would be a time when the people could be managed into giving up everything that has been won for us at a terrible price.

As a retired firefighter on that day in New York I watched as 343 of my brothers died in the building collapses. More than 3000 civilians, firefighters, police officers, and many others died because of a hatred from a hate filled leader in a cave.

Today we have children and young adults who were not alive when the 9-11 attacks took place. The move to revise history has already started but those of us who are still alive have to keep telling the truth.

As President Eisenhower so wisely knew when he ordered all the photographs and film be made of the Holocaust. He knew that someday there would be those who would say that the slaughter did not happen. So we relive all the films and have memorials to remember and attest to the facts of 9-11. Because there are those who seek to revise history and erase the facts from our minds and the minds of those who are to come behind us.

343. This number has been a part of my life. I lived on 343rd street West for 32 years. The number comes up in the oddest places and those who place meaning on numbers may have theories. But 343 is always the number of lost brothers on that day, to me it will stay in my mind forever.

For those who would tear down what as a nation and a people we have achieved, you will not prevail. As a citizen of the United States of America where do you stand?

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