Napoleon Bonaparte


Let’s just start this with one fact, the government and the attendant practitioners of it, can do nothing to solve problems or make anyone happy. This is because anything that is really important for the individual has to do with how the individual acts, thinks, and lives. When I rant about the Demoncrats do not think that I hold the Republicans in much higher regard. If you are disgusted with the goings on in Washington, Topeka, or your local jurisdiction remember that they are there because you sent them there. Most start out with the intentions of following the Constitution and make a better world, but soon sell out to the painted ladies and come home to bury their new found prosperity in their backyards.

Harry Truman is remembered for many things but the truest thing he ever said was, “Show me a rich politician and I will show you a crook.” No truer words were ever spoken. But the rotten mess that is our government reflects on who votes for them. When you point your finger at the mess, remember, three fingers are pointing back at you.

We all are hoping that 2023 will be better than 2022. Having a better year starts with becoming a better you. No amount of preaching by anyone can make you better if you do not decide to improve who you are. Resolutions are virtually worthless if you don’t have the genuine motivation to just be a better you without a list.

The first step in being better is realizing that you do not have control over anything else. If you think that you are important try bossing your neighbors dog around and see how that works.

What am I going to do to make myself a better person? Be grateful. For all the hard things that I have faced during the last year there is so much more that I have been blessed with. This Christmas season I had many people that bought my Full Boat special on my books and most included short notes that really made me feel good. I appreciate all of my readers and you cannot believe how much it gives me the will to go on and keep writing.

Through the last year I have been working on my next book on Kansas History. It is finished now and the long process of working with the publisher begins. There have been so many people help me on the research for my stories that I can never repay each for the help. Thanks does not seem to be enough, but that is all I can do. I have started my next book which will be all farm and ranch related stories. Some of these stories have been literally years in researching.

I have taken the holidays off and am ready to get back into the office again. The time taken to read, reflect, pray, and recharge is very valuable to me. Next time you get really aggravated with politics and the world, try turning off the noise and do some quiet time. The way 2023 is looking we are going to need it.

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