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It has been a long time since I went out on New Years Eve, so my vices have drastically been put into memory. If I have a vice left it is shooting off my mouth with my opinions here. I thank all of my readers who have been so supportive. I started this venture back in 2011 with the disclaimer that I now will repeat. It is good to remind everyone about my philosophy every now and then. It so happens that this column is going to be seen by more people this year and this repeat will help out all my new readers and remind everyone else.

I make no claim of being smarter than anyone else. My VIEW FROM THE HILLS is just things as I see them. I expect that there will be those who disagree with what I write. I try to study and see all sides to today’s world. Don’t expect me to go along with anything because it is popular. If I make you angry with my opinion, that is your opinion. I will not argue. If you cannot agree that is your right. I am not always right.

Our nation and the world, has been through hell this last year. I am going to hope and pray that 2022 will be an improvement. I have spent my whole life in rural Kansas and my roots and philosophy are conservative. Do not expect me to change. I do not make New Years resolutions. I find them to be an exercise in futility. I enjoy listening to those who have something positive to contribute. I dislike those who gripe with no thought on solutions. I like answers to problems.

I dislike politics. All sides have contributed to what is wrong with our nation and I distrust those who want to make change because they have an agenda. I also dislike the use of the term Democracy. Democracy is mob rule with no protections for minorities. The United States of America is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. It drives me crazy when people who know better uses the term Democracy. The French Revolution was a try at Democracy and it gave rise to the guillotine. It ended with those who advocated using it being executed by it.

Our country has it’s foundation in Common Law, Judaeo-Christian ethics and the Ten Commandments. The push towards Communism has been developing for one hundred years. Those who would turn us to Communism are ignoring the historical fact that Communism has never worked anywhere.

Then there is the WOKE society that is filled with hate. Where no one is acceptable unless they follow the culture that is self centered and will not forgive anyone for being human. Where something someone said or wrote at age 14 can be fired and ridiculed for being human. A society where there is no forgiveness. Believe me I have made mistakes all my life and expect to make mistakes until I die.

I hope that 2022 is a better year. I hope yours is better also. When I write my opinions here I always try not to be mean. Sometimes I have to just be blunt.

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