John Wooden


I am one that hates politics. Some would not believe it. I am a historian by interest. And since the troubles of the world are brought on primarily by politics I am required to speak.

The age old question “what is truth”, is one that most associate their opinions into. And there is where simple truths become tainted and twisted. Is their anyone who can clearly state that they don’t create their own truths

People have no problem twisting their truths to be vicious and abhorrent. The Palestinians have no problem believing that Jesus was not Jewish but Palestinian. History records that the now Palestinians do not originate in Palestine. In the days thousand of years before Christ, God gave the ‘Land of Milk and Honey to the Israelites.

Truth is twisted for political purposes. It is how the Nationalist Socialist Party (NAZI’S) took over Germany. It is how Fascists’ took over Italy. It is how Japan went to war. It is how Russia was overthrown and taken over by Communists. And this is how the US is being taken over by Socialists.

Truth is not how you want it to be. We just passed the 61st anniversary of Nakita Khrushchev speaking to our country. He stated that the United States will not be taken over by war, that our great grandchildren will vote us into bondage.

We just decorated the graves of our veterans honoring them for keeping us free. Will this ever happen again? Those who are so giddy that the Demoncrats have taken power, (I am not confident in Georgia). Will you wake up at anytime to realize what you have done?

Laughing at 75 million people who supported Trump will divide the country even more. Officials violating their Constitutions and courts refusing to hear cases have proven that it easier to overthrow the country than to save it.

Small things do make a difference. My pet peeve is for those who know better to refer to our system of government as a Democracy. Democracy is mob rule and France proved it with the guillotine.

The United States is a Representative Republic governed by The Declaration of Independence. The Constitution. and the Bill of Rights. When all of the branches of government conspire to over throw the rights of the people Anarchy reins.

When I am asked who won the election I reply China. Not a day goes by that there is a new story as to how our country has been attacked. We are in WWIII although it has not been officially declared yet.

The new administration has promised to make us wear Chinese Diapers even though it is obvious that what has been done is not working. Science is starting to look like politics.

How bad was 2020? It may not hold a candle to 2021.

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